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“SALES” a LIFEBLOOD of business! No business will stand without it.

Another powerful inspiration created and compiled by my favorite You Tuber Evan Carmichael, It came from top entrepreneurs of the Land.

1. Jordan Belfort (Entrepreneur, American Author, Motivational Speaker)

“If you can’t sell, if you can’t influence – you can’t persuade”

You should not only visionary, you should also possess the ability the sell your vision to other people, to inspire and to motivate them.

2. Tim Ferriss (American Author, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Public Speaker)

You need to be able to sell, whether it’ll be kick starter, local newspaper – you need to be able to communicate effectively.

The best entrepreneurs are all good communicators – exceptional communicators. Practice is the only way to get better in communicating.

Focus on honing your skills in writing and take time to study good direct response ads.

If you bought something, record everything, the reason why you bought that product.

Everything that works on sale was done already; you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk (Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Investor and internet personality)

Spend time to listen to people who you sell to. Figure out their pain points, their struggles and their problems.

Sell to people by providing some sort of value.

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4. Brian Tracy (Motivational Speaker and Author)

Top sales people commit themselves to lifelong learning.

Your mind is your precious asset and the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your sales career.

If you commit yourself to lifelong learning you will achieve extraordinary success.

If you continue to learn, you’ll eventually become one of those valuable assets in your company.

The more knowledge you acquire that can be applied to practical purposes, the greater will be a reward and the more you’ll be paid.

5. Guy Kawasaki (American Marketing Specialist, Author, and Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist)

Ignore the people who are Aethiest – they are too hard to convert to your religion, go for the believers.

6. Eben Pagan (Author, Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and Author)

The best selling methods are consultative selling, wherein you don’t sit down and talk to someone to buy but to sit down and know their problems and see what they need or fit at.

The best salespersons are those who sit and ask some questions.

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7. Mohnish Pabrai (Indian- American Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist)

Do not to sell something that you wouldn’t buy yourself. If you think it’s something that you would yourself be a customer of, don’t try to pitch it.

8. Grant Cardone (Entrepreneur, Author, Real Estate Investor)

Use the power of Social Media – Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. If you are not tweeting, Facebooking or You tubing – If you are not using these free medium to communicate to the world, you’re not in the game.

9. Peter Saige (Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philantrophist and Author)

Understand your customers need; demonstrate the benefits of your product.

The people who were the absolute cream of the crop, the top 1% of the top sales people did exactly the same step as those were average. The difference was they focus on building rapport.

They have the sincere level of appreciation for what the client’s need.

10. Jim Rohn ( Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur)

Everybody is selling, and everybody is a salesperson, be it doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.

Be the best salesperson of this planet.

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