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As a Mom, You want the best for your kids. You want them to see that you model success. Here are the top 10 rules of Success to consider.

5 years ago, my Life was a total mess. I have no goals, no clear direction, no vision boards and no dream whatsoever. I was just living my life just like any other. I don’t know where my life is heading. I have no guts to discover new things because I am afraid of failing.

Every day is just another ordinary day – waking up, go to work, go home late at night, sleep. It was a simple life, no complications, but It was boring.

Then one day I realized, comfort zone will never bring me to the peak of the mountain. I have to take difficult roads to achieve greatness. And that starts my love for business and inspirational books. Then changed my daily routine, I read inspirational books or watch motivational YouTube channels that inspired me a lot like Evan Carmichael, Terri Savelle Foy, Joel OsteenValuetainment and many more. They are my hero. They opened my eyes to the real essence of life. I’ve learned that success is hard but it’s not impossible.

Note: We are not perfect, I struggle with some of the rules below but minimizing my bad habits is a good way to start. 

I learned to write all my goals – from short to long term, so I can track all my activities, whether I’m heading to the wrong direction or not.  I want everything in order, and I’m proud to say, I strictly follow these rules.

1. Faith in God

Prayer and meditation makes you closer to God. What Faith can do? It can move mountains, you tend to believe that nothing on earth is impossible.

Put God first. He is the source of everything, your strength, your joy and all the resources you are enjoying right now.

I consider prayer, reading the Bible and meditation the most important part of my life. I do these before doing difficult tasks or when stumble upon difficult decisions.

2. Discover your Purpose

Why are you still breathing? Because we are created for a purpose, we are alive to accomplish what we are intended to do. To do the things you are created for. Use your Passion, Gifts and Potential.

Don’t go the the grave with your dreams unfulfilled!

I journal everything I see – blessings, Ideas, Passion, Talents and gifts I have. In doing so, I have a clearer vision on how to spend the rest of the day fulfilled and happy.

I want to use my talent and gift to fulfill the purpose God put in my heart.

3. Develop Winning attitude and Habits

One must have the habits of a great businesswoman – Hard work, Goal oriented, Persistence, Positive, Creative, Determined, Resourceful, Self-motivated and Disciplined.

It is impossible to achieve greatness without these these habits.

I also read my daily Affirmations; let me share it with you:

  • I am the child of the most high God
  • I am beautiful and Confident inside and out
  • I am Extremely Positive ( No complaining, No blaming, No Comparing)
  • I am a Self-Made Millionaire
  • I am a successful Blogger and a digital Nomad
  • I am confident to speak in front of the crowd
  • I am Determined
  • I am Disciplined
  • I am Focused
  • I am Healthy

These daily affirmations make me focused and determined to do difficult tasks.

4. Goal Setting

Goal Setting or writing your goals is equally important as to going to your daily work. If you don’t have a written plan, you will probably do a ton of work and still complain, because you felt unproductive.

The purpose of goal settings is to make you focus on important tasks and forget the one that makes you busy but unproductive.

Half the battle is won if you place your dreams on paper.

5. Live Below your Means

Don’t live above your means, you might incur huge debts. Don’t live within, you will have no extra. Rather live below your means so you have enough money left for investments and savings.

I used to be a wild spender but now I practice delay gratification. If I don’t need it, I don’t buy. I strictly follow my budget.

6. Save

Saving money will lessen your future headaches. Teach your kids as well. Saving enough money will let you live comfortably when you get old.

I want to retire comfortably so I have to discipline myself by saving up my 30 percent of my income. The rest is for my expenses like food, shelter, clothing and entertainment.

7. Invest

We all need to invest, not only for ourselves but for your next generation to come. Learn Business and marketing strategies, Study online and social media marketing. Internet Marketing is the future of the next generation, innovate and learn ways to be on top of the trends.

I always find time to invest my money properly; I read a lot to gain more knowledge in investing. I want to learn more about investing in mutual funds, bonds, stocks and digital marketing.

8. Act on Your goals

One of the secrets of success is to take action. You have goals, you wrote it down but if you will not take action. Your dreams are just a wish. It will never come.

Don’t wish for the stars to fall. Do the impossible – Work, focus and be patient.  Never waste time because it is limited, act now before it’s too late.

10. Be Successful in every Areas of your Life

Balance is everything. Run your race well but never let your family a sacrificial lamb. Success is a package. Your goal must be Success in family, career and financial.

There are people who are wealthy but their family was broke. I don’t think that is success, but on the other hand, I prefer to be a single mom than to be with an insane husband,  just an opinion.

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  1. These are all so important- especially 5-7. My husband and I recently started taking the Dave Ramsey course and are excited about saving for our future and our children’s future. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Thank you for sharing your 10 Rules of Success. I agree with all of them especially #1. I also like your idea of Daily Affirmations. I will come up with a similar list! <3 More power to you!

  3. These are some great habits! I have been working on developing better habits as well so that I can live life to the fullest. I think the best and most important habit is the first one on your list.

  4. This is a great list! I love 2, 3, and 8! We all have to find our purpose. It is our drive and motivation. Then we need to go through life with positivity. If we are always thinking negative thoughts then everything around us will be negative. And number 8 acting on our goals. I have so many things I want to accomplish and I used to be the “someday girl” someday I will do that. Well, there is no time like the present. you have to take the steps to get things done!

  5. I really like the idea of daily aspirations. I am going to make it a point to write some down and put them in my daily planner so I can scan through them whenever I need a little extra encouragement.

  6. Sometimes, I have to pause what I’m doing and listen. I’ve asked God to lead me, and not for my own self desires to create my actions. Very nice post. Love the insight.

  7. All extremely good points. I too struggled a few years ago and until I really sat down and thought about what I wanted out of life, set some goals, and a plan to achieve them did I really become focused and happier. I have a hard time with balance still…trying to work on that every day!

  8. This is great I’ve pinned this for later as I’m building a board on success with ideas like you have done . So meaningful 🙂

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