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The more you give the more you receive. It’s true; I have experienced it many times. Generosity opens more blessings. It will open the flood gates of heaven.

But there are times when you have to close your hands. You have to choose diligently who deserve your generosity – be sensitive enough to know who really needs your help. Because some take it for granted – I have done a social experiment on this – some are asking for help just for personal gain.

Our business is situated in public market where lots of street children, beggars, religious groups, and charities were asking for help. Some used different kinds of strategies and techniques to convince us to give – showing pictures of their love ones in a hospital bed – and when you give, they will show up again the other week showing different set of pictures.

I’m a generous person; I give to charities because I know they need it. But my hands are closed to those who only want to take me for granted.

I also stop giving money to street children; instead, I give them food because I saw their parents – who are healthy and strong playing cards with fellow beggars in the streets. I pity those young kids; they roam around begging for little. Yet their parents are wasting it for nonsense.

If only their parents are responsible enough to look for jobs, they might as well provide a decent food and shelter for their families. Their kids were deprived from education, food and shelter because of irresponsible parenting.

Some are blaming the government of their poverty but they do nothing to step out of it. I strongly believed that we are what we are now because it was our choice; it’s not due to economic crisis or the government.

If your income cannot sustain a big family, then why have it? You can choose to have 1 kid, then add if you have enough income and savings. The problem with us is that we choose more kids even if we are crawling in poverty, then blame the government of our misery.

But on the other hand, I admire parents who had 8-12 children, my parents included – for giving us a decent life. They worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide us good education.  They firmly believed that more kids equal more sacrifices. So they worked harder than anyone else.

They did not stop until my youngest brother finished college even until he reached the highest peak of his career. My parents were my inspiration in raising my kids, although I only want 2 kids, I want to adopt their determination because they never give up on us.

When I gave birth to my eldest, I worried about their future, I don’t want them to wander and beg for food when we are gone. So we worked hard. We invest, and we seek for parenting counsel just to provide the best life possible for them. Parents should sacrifice, love, and care more than anybody else, because your kid’s failure will be your failure and their victory will be your victory as well.

Don’t push your kids to beg or work, they have to enjoy their childhood.  But teach them to be a responsible youth of the community. Teach them good discipline and integrity for it will lift them up in due time.

Loving is not giving the needy material things but helping them to stand up in the midst of chaos and adversities. “Don’t give them fish, for it will just feed them for a day; Teach them to fish and it will feed them for a lifetime.”

Choose the people you will extend your hands to. Be aware and beware because some are using your kindness to their advantage. Be wise enough to spot genuine people from fake ones. Be careful always.

Hope this gave you info to ponder. Please Comment any suggestions and constructive criticisms below.

Note: The above post is upon my observations and discretion. I am just stating the facts I saw and experience during my social experiment.

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  1. I always refrain from giving money because that can be misused. I prefer helping with food or stuff they might need.

  2. Whenever I see some needy, poor person or a kid begging, the first emotion that washes over is to help them with money, but I have stopped helping every beggar with money and giving it to only those who actually need the help. It is sad to see poor forcing their kids to beg just because they invoke more mercy and pity from us.

    • Thanks Ayushi for sharing your point of view. Giving them food instead of money is I think the best. I pity young kids who are deprived of good education because of irresponsible parenthood.

  3. This is probably the best thing I read all day. I am struggling now with those “friends” who only want to take take and never want to give and this was just so well written. <3

  4. This is such an important lesson. There are so many times that I have been a little too giving to people when I really shouldn’t have been. You definitely need to realize when to close up your hands if it is only going to bring you pain.

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