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I have studied, read and research the lives, habits and attitudes of the most successful people and put them in compilation below.

Disclaimer: I am not a success guru but I used these rules of success as my guide.

Believe me… it worked!

A – Ambition

It is very impossible for a man to succeed without ambition; he is like living without purpose. Your goals, your ambitions will inspire you to sacrifice more and work harder than anyone else.

It will give you a clear direction to what lies ahead. It gives you power and a perfect road map into what the future looks like. You cannot go the distance without a dream to follow through.


Action speaks success! Your dream will be useless if you’ll stand there and wait.

Go and dare! Stand up get the stairs and climb! Go after your dreams!

B – Business

The most successful people in this universe are businessmen – most of them are self-made millionaires – and most of them have the guts to do and dare.

After further research, I found out that businessmen were among the most positive people, they possess high tolerance quotient. They are good advisers – they teach the importance of perseverance and hard work; they consider problems as opportunities.

C – Celebrate other people’s victory

If you can’t celebrate other’s victory you will never find yourself celebrating your own because you will always envy people who are more successful than you are.

You will compare and get frustrated when you see their garden greener.


Don’t avoid criticisms – good or bad, enjoy it. You will be wiser if you turn bad issues into lessons.

Remember: “You can never please everybody”. They will always find fault. There are people who never stop destroying you until they found you broke, never allow them, never give in.

Entrepreneurs are good at handling criticisms – either good or bad – they use it as fuel to create an idea.

D – Discipline yourself

Educate yourself with true discipline – discipline in handling your finances.

Discipline in handling fears and rejections. Discipline in handling conflicts and problems. Your amount of Self-Discipline will determine how successful you’ll be in the future.

Dare to fail

Don’t be afraid to fail, every successful people have their own failures. Thomas J. Watson said, “Double your rate of failure. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, so go ahead and make mistakes.

Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success.”

E – Endurance

“Endure hardship as discipline”. Never allow any distractions of any kind to put you down. If you are tempted to quit, inspire yourself by reading inspirational books and by watching the life of people who made it to the top.

Get a mentor and copy the path they have walked.

F – Faith in God and Faith in your ability

Believing in yourself will give you an edge, because by believing you can see great distance; by believing, you can do greater things. Be brave enough to persevere longer than anyone else. You can’t achieve success if you despise yourself from achieving greatness.

Have faith in God, He will give you the strength to carry on. He will give the right people and the right path so you will not fall into traps. He will give you wisdom to choose the correct path among crossroads.

G – Goal setting

Write your dreams on paper and the deadline for each attainment, half the battle is won if you put your dreams on paper. Don’t ignore the power of a written plan because it will give you a clear picture to where and what path are you heading!

This is your guiding path, your compass so you will not be lost at the middle of your journey.

H – Health

Health is wealth. It’s simple. You can’t do things if you’re sick. You can’t enjoy life even if you have lot if you are sick and weak.

Eat healthy. Avoid red meat if possible. Aim to live your life happy and strong together with your great grand children.

I – Invest

Passive income is great – money will come even in your sleep. That simple but you have to work hard and work smart first. You have to put a great amount of discipline and investing at the beginning.

Learn and study more about funds, bonds and stock and other forms of investments. Digital and online marketing are also great these days. They are the future of business!

These are investments that earned money through multiplication.

Be a money magnet.  Don’t waste your life living in someone else dream. Be your own boss.

J – Joy

Never lose your joy. Happy people live the longest. Always remember no one can steal your happiness without your permission.

Your inner joy will inspire you to work longer even if confronted with so much distractions and bugs!

K – Knowledge

Involve yourself in continuous learning. Read articles and news containing useful information. Don’t spend 6 hours watching television. Minimize! It’s the number time waster; buy a book instead– business and inspirational. Feed your mind with positive affirmations and knowledge.

Successful people gained their knowledge not only from their experiences but also from the mistakes of others.

If your neighbor got sick due to excessive alcohol and drug overdose you don’t need to be alcoholic too to experience how it feels. Learn from them.

If your neighbor was financially broke don’t adopt their lifestyle. Change yours! That simple!

Life is a Choice, either you live your life for others to follow or live it for others to avoid! Choose!

L – Love others

Don’t be greedy. Love others as you love yourself.

It is more fulfilling to see other people achieved their own success because you’ve supported them. You will see that positive things will come if you provide value for others rather than depriving them of their value.

It’s hard to love someone who always opposes your view, those who don’t see your value, those who always compete and disagree with everything you say, it’s okay to put a little distance but you don’t need to hate them. Just love them from the distance!

M – Mission

What is your life’s mission?

It should be concentrated in the service of others. Your mission in life determines your love for others. You hands and hearts are God’s given gift, use it to serve others!

What are your dreams? Why do you want to be very wealthy?

Your mission must be – you have to become more to give more!

N-Nurture your mind

Always feed your mind with positive affirmation. Negative attitude will cause you to doubt your ability to achieve. Negative action was the result of negative thinking.

The acid test

                                Doubt + No action = Negative result

                                Belief + action        = Positive result

O – Overcome

You are born to overcome the giants within. Stand up! The world is cruel at times! As the Bibles says “Do not be overcome by evil, overcome evil with good”.

Your attitude will determine how you choose to live the day.  A single setback has the ability to mold or break you. Choose to be molded!

“The strongest tree in the forest is not the one protected from storm and hidden from the sun. It is the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds, rains and scorching sun.”

P – Perseverance

“I don’t think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature”. – John D. Rockefeller

Many of us are easily discouraged if someone tells us, “we are not good enough, that we are below average”. We easily give up, we give in to them. But successful people persevere; they don’t allow their enemy to stand their ground. They persist and persevere longer than anyone else.

Q –          Quite moments

Find time to be alone in prayer and meditation. Take at least 20 to 30 minutes before and after sleep, because in meditation where you can find inner peace. Your mind will be recharged and you’ll be ready for whatever the day will throw at you – good or bad!

R – Rest your body

We are humans. Rest is essential to our brain and body. We need it to restore our strength and energy.

According to the book of Genesis, “On the 7th day, God rested. God is requiring us to rest at least once a week. Over fatigue and over work can cause us death.

S – Save

It is impossible to obtain success if you overspend. What will you gain from spending all your hard-earned money in luxuries? People’s praises and applause are temporary because if you lose your job and money, all that praises will fade.

Save now and make that saving an investment to bonds, mutual funds and stocks? It will give you more money in your retirement so you will not depend on your children when you get old.

T – Talent

God has given us different talents to develop. Know your own and pursue it.

Don’t copy someone else’s life. You have to live the life that God has intended you to be. Develop your talent and be one of the top 10% greatest in your field of expertise.

U – Understand your shape

Do what you love to do but should depend on your God’s given gifts. You should know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t concentrate more on your weaknesses; develop the things you can do most.

I love singing but my voice talent only rates 2 out of 10. Even if I will be joining voice lesson, the highest rate could be 4 or 5. I have to accept the fact that I am not gifted with golden voice.

But it should not frustrate me?

Rather, I should stay in the area of my gifting. Crafts, writing and selling are my passion. I have to develop it and make the most out of that gift.

V – Vision

Visualize your dream. When you plan your goal, make them a vision. You should possess characteristics of an eagle. They can see great distance.

W – Work

Hard work spells success. If you do not work you will not eat. Laziness is the number 1 enemy of hard work, if you give in, you will never achieve greatness.

Willingness to pay the price

What are you willing to sacrifice? Working long hours, sleeping less and working while others still asleep are the sacrifices you have to take in order to succeed.

The most successful people are the one who failed the most. I have listened and reviewed their lives and the number 1 lesson they taught me is to have a high tolerance quotient, never give in…never give up because failure is just a part of a process.  You need to pay the price to gain the glory.

And always remember the more successful you are the more criticism you will receive.

Dale Carnegie once said, “The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never get far from shore”

X – X-ray

This is the instrument that can penetrate your inner being. Examine your inner self.  Your action depends on your way of thinking.

Y – Yield to God

Don’t forget to ask for protection and guidance from heaven. God will give you strength to carry on.

Pray because there are things you cannot control – earthquakes, hurricanes and accidents are some of these!

Z – Zest

                Zest your day.

Without it you will lose all the enthusiasm, the joy and the energy of working long hours.

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