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How Can Your Self-Confidence Affect Your SUCCESS?



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Believing in yourself is the key foundation of success in any measure. How you see yourself affects how you live and spend your day. It doesn’t mean bragging and being boastful (that is arrogance). It simply means loving yourself first because you cannot give what you do not have, and simply believing in your ability to succeed.

Self-Confidence is crucial and essential in developing ones willpower and ability to achieve. It is a positive belief that you can achieve something big in the future.

My favorite you tube vlogger alpha m. described it as unwavering belief in your ability, values and self-worth.

Never interchange it with arrogance. Arrogance is telling everybody and bragging about your achievements.

HERE are some factors that affect SELF-CONFIDENCE:

  1. Poor self-image

You see yourself as inferior.You always compare yourself. You blame and complain why others have more and you have little.

If you constantly say, “I’m fat, she is better than me, I can’t do it, I am poor” – that is a sign of a poor self- image. Beware and be aware of the things you told yourself because your words can create power.

Nothing good will happen if you always compare yourself to others. The grass is always greener on the other side. Concentrate on your issues, Count your blessings!

  1. You are being bullied during childhood

Bully has the ability to destroy your self-worth. It destroys everything even your belief in achieving greater things.

I was bullied when I was in high school; they always make fun of my first name, “Biana”. They think that my name sucks, suited for an old woman.  During recitation, (even if I knew the answer), I can’t raise my hands because I am afraid to be laugh at.  And it happened all the time.

The only regret I have is – I give in to them, and that’s the reason why I have a fear of public speaking.

Then one day I realized, if I can’t fight my personal fear, I can’t achieve bigger things in life. Anyway, God is above, he will surely help me fight my battles.

  1. Your parents are not supportive

I have seen a lot of parents who insist on changing the course of their children. Why? What’s the point? Nothing in life is seemed to be good deal. If it is not for you, it will never be.  Let your children choose the path they are created for – their God’s given gifts and talents are different from you!

My youngest brother wants to be a seaman, but the course was in private schools. My parents can’t afford the tuition plus the hidden expenses that lies within that course. So they agreed to send him to a public school.

My brother is not enjoying his course. He keeps on complaining about the boredom he felt. The result, he failed!

Our older siblings now took him into private school, to pursue the thing he wants – to be a seaman. Whatever the cost!

And from there, he became an achiever, (a dean’s Lister).  He was now a licensed marine engineer and an official of a cargo ship company.

  1. You always hear destructive words

The Bible says “life and death is in the power of the tongue, those who love it will eat its fruit.  So if you want to be successful, speak positive affirmation and declaration.

If you are fond of telling your kids, “stupid, you are not good enough, you are crazy, and you are stubborn”. Tendency is, they will put life into your words. I am stupid because my mom told me so.

Speak positive things into their lives.  You can’t talk negative and expect a positive life.


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  1. Eliminate toxic people from your life

Don’t surround yourself with negative people, chances are – you will also be one of them.  Negative people can influence your way of thinking and thus influence your life.

Surround yourself with people that can inspire you to do better. Changing your toxic friends might be the greatest thing you will do for yourself.

Always remember the lesson of the saying, “birds of feathers flock together”. Don’t spend your precious time with energy vampires. They will put you down more than they will lift you up.

  1. Take care of your body
  • Exercise – take a 30-minute walk, jog, do push-ups and sit-ups!
  • Eat healthy
  • Teach yourself to stand straight; bad posture is the result of low self-esteem.

Don’t ignore this small daily discipline; it will boost your self-confidence in a long run.

  1. Be Optimistic

Don’t see the clouds, See the sun! Believe that the light is always at the end of the tunnel.

Success is at times scary; it will never be a straight line. Along the way, you have to decide among crossroads, obstacles scattered everywhere.

If you see the obstacles you will be scared, if you will see the reward it will encourage you.

One of the common characteristics of successful people is being positive.  I haven’t seen any successful person who always blame, complain, and compare. They take the responsibility of their actions good or bad.

  1. Feed your mind

Successful people read a lot. They never stop learning. Knowledge is one of the key to success. If you stop learning, you stop!

I love books – business and inspirational. Reading and writing are my stress reliever.  If I’m stressed or emotionally drain I will just go into the nearest bookstore and buy some books that can inspire me to live the day.

I also love DIY crafts; I always find ways to create something that will enhance my skills and ability to shine.

  1. Be Generous

Help somebody in need. Give to charitable institutions. You can offer your service if you don’t have enough cash.

A simple “thank you” from them is enough to boost your self-confidence.  You’ll see that positive things will come if you give value to others rather than depriving them of their value.

Check here for motivations!

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  1. Words are so important. Even if we aren’t saying negative things to our children, if they hear us say negative things about ourselves, they will absolutely internalize that. I loved your last point about being generous. It’s so true.

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