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Prayer of a Forsaken Child


I wrote this prayer just after Typhoon Yolanda. It was a super typhoon landed in the Philippines that stole a thousand lives. It was probably the most destructive typhoon ever landed in the region.

It happened years ago but it always remind me of that tragic night. It taught me lessons of empathy and gratefulness. Life is short to waste on things that don’t matter. It taught me to live my life to the fullest.

My heart cried for the kids that suffered from that traumatic experience.  I saw young kids crying in solitude, looking for their moms and dads, that is the most traumatic and most heart melting ever happened.

While writing this prayer, my tears keep falling down. I felt that God had forsaken them.

These maybe years ago but its lessons remained forever.



Here I am

Your child, your precious one

Kneeling down here, crying in solitude



So lonely

And alone!


Dear God, if you only listen

If you only hear my cry

Then you’ll understand

My fear

My frustrations

My agony…

Dear God, my Abba Father!

Have mercy!!


Hello God,

Are you listening?

Do you see me from afar?

Look at your precious one…

Your precious child,

Forsaken and abandoned

So depressed…

So alone…

Crying in solitude


In this dark cold night


Dear God, My Loving Father,

Here I am…

With no food to eat

No clothes to wear

No home to shelter

And no mama’s hug

Please spare me…

From hunger and from thirst!


One thing I beg,

Only one thing Lord…

Please bring my mama back

My daddy too…

Coz’ without them

I cannot face tomorrow

My life was empty

My world so dark

So meaningless

So God please listen,

If you cannot bring them back home,

If you really cannot…

Please allow me to visit them..

Allow me…



Life is precious. Death can steal it like thief at the middle of the Night.

So make the most of your life! Be with your kids, play with them!

Hope this inspire you. Click here for motivations!

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23 thoughts on “Prayer of a Forsaken Child

  1. This is so touching and beautiful. I have learned not to take life for granted, Everyday, after leaving work, I realize how life is precious and fragile.

  2. Really amazing. I already through this prayer and just love this. Its such a good prayer Beyonzy and thanks for sharing. When we are alone just think about god and god should help all.

  3. So heartfelt, I can feel the yearning and the loss in the poem. It’s tough to deal with the loss of your parents. I have lost both of them and there’s never a day that I don’t wish to have them back.

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