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How To Dominate Your Industry


How to dominate your Industry? Learn from Pat David.

There are 6 questions you must ask yourself in order for you to position yourself to dominate an industry (Not specific to any industry).

1. What market do you own in this industry? What do you want to own

Is there any age, any demographic, a culture,an income earner, a certain city, a certain state, a certain country?

2. What market do you want to own?

Beer, Wine industry, etc.

3. Who must you outgun? Who must you outdo?

Who is leading this market you want to own that you must outgun?

Who are those people? Have a list of them.

4. Enough Money – How much money do you need to outgun, in order for you to get the market?

Because it takes money for marketing, for staff, for executives, for advertising, for technology, for speed, for website, for pay per click.

5. Do you have the STICK-TO-IT-IVENESS?

Because this could be 24 months, 7, 11 or 13 years.

6. Do you match the position that you want to have?

Example, If I want to become the best financial adviser of silicon valley, and I want to own the position of people that are in the technology sector, hypothetically.

Do I match the position to get them?

Do I look the part?
Do I talk the part?
Do I walk the part?

Do I go to the places that they go to, the country club that they belong to?

Dominate the industry that you want to position in!!
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Free Online Training for Filipinos


You can make money by reselling our system! Tips and Tricks to Affiliate Marketing.

Three years na akong online marketer pero noong December 2017 lang ako nakadiskubre ng system na tumulong sa akin para patakbuhin ng maayos at kumita gamit lang ang laptop at Wifi.

Noong nag-uumpisa ako, napakahirap makahanap ng libreng training at courses naTaglish na talagang maiintindihan mo ng maayos. Puro courses na galing sa ibang bansa ang binibili ko para lang matuto pero dahil mahirap ang chat support nila hindi rin ako natuto. Salamat sa Ascending Profit System (APS) ng Unity Network.

Natutunan ko  sa APS ang mga strategies at secrets ng mga top earners ng Unity Network na nai-apply ko hindi lang sa online business ko kundi pati din sa blog ko. Naituro din nila ng maayos ang secret ng free and paid advertisement ng facebook.

Ano ang Ascending Profit System or APS?

Ito ay isang “Done for you” business model na gaya din ng isang franchise kung ikaw ay nasa traditional business. Ginawa ang system na ito para hindi ka na magsisimula from scratch. Hindi mo na rin kelangang gumawa ng sarili mong products. Ito ay isang ready-made business para sa mga gustong kumita online pero nahihirapang magsimula dahil takot na mag-fail o busy.

Ito ay para sa lahat. Pero hindi ito para sa mga tamad!

Ang kelangan mo lang ay matutunan ang step-by-step training, 100% free! 

Benefits ng Ascending Profit System?

Access to free Presentation:

  1. Hindi ito Networking kaya hindi mo kelangang mag-invite bago kumita.

  2. Hindi kelangang magaling ka magsalita, may tutulong sa iyo para dito.

  3. May 1 on 1 Coaching din na magtututro sa iyo ng tamang strategy para magtagumpay ka sa business na ito.

  4. Hindi ka magce-create ng products.

  5. Malaki ang pwede mong kitain, depende sa sipag at tiyaga mo kaya kelangan mong iapply ang lahat ng strategies na itututro ng coach mo sa iyo.

  6. We are a community of positive people, we will lift you up.

Ano ang Matututunan mo sa FREE TRAINING?

  • 5 key elements of a successful online business.

  • What does business owners do that employees don’t?

  • What to sell to have a profitable business online?

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • How to earn your first Million?

  • How to properly position your online business for future and long-term success?

Kung isa ka mga taong naghahanap ng magandang business online bakit hindi mo subukan ang APS?


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Three Steps to Financial Breakthrough


Terri Savelle is my cheerleader for success. Her Success story inspired me to work smarter, to save and invest and to Put God above all.

She never fails to encourage and enlighten me with her positive messages.

Though ups and downs, though hills and valleys and even in lack and in abundance, her messages are enough to lift my spirit and move on with positive attitude toward the future.

I never saw her but I call her my mentor from afar.

Hope the video below will inspire and lift your spirit.

In this video, she taught us the 3 steps to financial breakthrough. Watch till the end to get inspired.

You must sow a significant seed. Give to charities, church and the needy because you will never out-give God. He will return everything in hundreds and even in thousand folds.

If you plant negativity, You will sure reap a negative lifestyle.

If you sow a positive lifestyle, financial breakthrough will come easily.

3 Steps To Your Financial Breakthrough

For more inspirational message click HERE.

Please comment below for any positive or even negative reaction to make us improve.




I have studied, read and research the lives, habits and attitudes of the most successful people and put them in compilation below.

Disclaimer: I am not a success guru but I used these rules of success as my guide.

Believe me… it worked!

A – Ambition

It is very impossible for a man to succeed without ambition; he is like living without purpose. Your goals, your ambitions will inspire you to sacrifice more and work harder than anyone else.

It will give you a clear direction to what lies ahead. It gives you power and a perfect road map into what the future looks like. You cannot go the distance without a dream to follow through.


Action speaks success! Your dream will be useless if you’ll stand there and wait.

Go and dare! Stand up get the stairs and climb! Go after your dreams!

B – Business

The most successful people in this universe are businessmen – most of them are self-made millionaires – and most of them have the guts to do and dare.

After further research, I found out that businessmen were among the most positive people, they possess high tolerance quotient. They are good advisers – they teach the importance of perseverance and hard work; they consider problems as opportunities.

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How to Start A Digital Business in Today’s Digital Economy


We are giving away Free E-book intended for Filipino moms, Overseas Filipino workers and digital entrepreneurs.

Isinulat itong taglish (Tagalog-English) para maintindihan ng bawat isa sa atin kahit ng mga hindi gaanong nakaka-intindi ng English.

Isa itong e-book/digital book para turuan kayo kung paano magiging successful as online marketer. Napaka-detailed nito at naniniwala ako na maiintindihan mo, mai-enjoy at mai-aaply mo.

Sa panahon ngayon marami na tayong kakumpetensiya sa internet. Kung wala kang alam, tatalunin ka ng mga mahilig magbasa ng libro.

Kelangan Natin ng mga bagong idea kung paano tayo magtagumpay pagdating sa internet marketing.

Access your e-book below.

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Struggle makes you Stronger


Motivate Yourself because no one else will do it for you!

Start your day with inspirational messages and your day will never be the same again. Your Productivity depends on how you start your day. So start it POSITIVE!

Negative feeling will change your mood, thus, destroy your entire day. Listening to gossip and fake news will ruin the peace of mind that God has intended for you that day.

This message is breathtaking.. watch it until the end!

Credit to the owner!

You cannot grow without Struggle..



Three Effective Ways on How to Earn Online


Please Read Until the end before clicking HERE and your life will never be the same. I promise!

Alam ko marami sa inyo ang naghahanap ng paraan kung paano kumita kahit nasa bahay lang. Nung wala pang internet, napaka-imposible nito pero ngayon, ginawa ni internet na possible ang lahat ng bagay kasama na jan ang online marketing.

Para sa inyo ito:

  • Mga mommies na nakatengga lang naman sa bahay habang nagaantay sa pag-uwi ni mister.
  • OFW’s na naghahangad ng extra income para madagdagan ang maipadalang pera sa mahal sa buhay.
  • Opportunity seekers at opportunity buyers na gustong kumita at yumaman gamit lang ang internet.

Taas kilay ka siguro dahil hindi ka naniniwala  pero hindi na ito napakahirap gawin ngayon.

Si Jeff Bezos nga, siya na ang pinakamayamang tao sa mundo, siya ang founder at CEO ng Amazon ( E-commerce Site) at  si Jack Ma naman, isa sa pinakamayamang tao sa China dahil sa e-commerce site niya na Alibaba.

Kailangan mo lang maniwala, subukan at trabahuin.


May 3 akong nareseach  na puwede mong aralin at subukan.

Number 3 ang pinakapaborito ko at siya kong pinagbubuhusan ng panahon para pag aralan dahil alam ko malaki ang potential nito.


Paano naman ang google adsense?

Pwede ito sa mga may Blog o website. Kung wala kang blog kalimutan mo na. Saan naman ipapaskil ni Google ang ads niya kung wala kang bahay na pagpaskilan.

Downside din nito, kung nag-uumpisa ka at kunti lang ang bumisita sa blog mo Malabong kikita ka ng malaki. Kikita ka lang sa adsense kung maraming magki-click sa ads na nasa blog mo.

Hindi ko rin ito nire-recommended dahil napakaliit ang CPM rate nito. Baka napagod ka na’t lahat e 100 lang kinita mo sa isang buwan. Talo ka pa sa pagod at oras.


Marami ding nagsusucceed sa Online Selling. Malaki din ang potential na kumita ka dito ng malaki kung marami  ang followers mo sa facebook at instagram.

Pwede ka ring bumili sa Divisoria o saan mang antique store na malapit sa inyong lugar at itinda mo sa OLX. ph.

Downside nito, Kelangan mong lumabas para mamili at magpadala. Kelangan mo din mano-manong pag-aralan ang “system” ng online business na pinasok mo dahil maraming kompetensya.

Kung hindi ka magaling sa marketing, kakainin ka ng mga online sellers na matagal ng pinagkakatiwalaan lalo na kung pareho kayo ng items na binebenta.


Kikita ka ng Commision sa bawat item na ibebenta mo. Halimbawa nito ay ang Amazon, Zalora, Lazada and Unity Network.

And I strongly recommend Unity Network’s Ascending Profit System. Pwede kang maging isa sa Affiliate Marketer namin. Pwede kang Kumita ng Php1000, Php2000, Php3000 o Php7000 na commission sa isang araw.

May mga trainings at webinars available naman. Gawin mo lang ang part mo which is gawin ang top 10 step by step training na ginawa ng company para sa iyo.

Ituturo dito ang mga tricks and strategies na ginagawa ng mga successful at internet millionaires.

Sa business natin may chat support at 1 on 1 coaching para sure na hindi ka maliligaw sa business na papasukin mo.

Dito sa business namin, tulungan. Aakayin ka at bibigyan ka ng inspiration ng ibang affiliates. Kelangan mo lang sumali sa FB community Namin.

May weekly trainings at webinars din para hindi ka mailto sa takbo ng business na pinasok mo.

Ano naman ang product namin?

E-books, trainings at E-course – mostly informational. Lam mo ba kung magkano ang e-books na galling sa US bloggers? Pinakamababa na ang 5,000. Tapos hindi rin naman nakatulong dahil sobrang lalim ng English.

Habang sa negosyo namin, puro taglish. Panlasang pinoy talaga. Lahat ng matututunan mo sa training namin pwede mong iapply kahit saan mang negosyong pasukin mo online.




How To Live Life Without Limits


Be Borderless! Be Limitless!

Nick Vujicic is my mentor (from Afar). He was born with no arms and legs but he never let that deficiency steal what God has in store for him. He never let it defeat him. He rose above the clouds, He flew above the storms and proved to us that he is limitless. That Everybody can go the distance.

He’s such my inspiration, my preacher, my teacher, my motivator. A single preaching from him is enough to brighten my Day!

We must live our life without limit.

You have the ability to change the course of your life.

Learn and Listen from him and Be Inspired!

Your Life will never be the same again.

How To Live Life With No Limits (God’s Plan For Your Life)

We all have issues, problems and trials. The way we handle it make a difference.

Be a Mature Problem solver. The World is cruel, If you’re not tough enough, you’ll surely be beaten by depression and stress!


How your Morning Routines Determine your Productivity


Your morning routine matters because how you start your day could make or break your entire day! Everybody wants to consume their time productive because it’s limited. We all have an equal amount of time, 24 hours a day! Every tick of the clock is a minute closer to our grave. So you have to spend your time on things that God created you to do – your PURPOSE!

What on Earth are you here for? What is your passion and how that passion benefits others. Wise men said, “Your life is your Gift from God, What you do with your life is your gift back to God.”

I was once a complaining vampire but I tried to shift my mind to the things that were positive. I don’t want to destroy my day because of small problems or petty things. The world is sometimes cruel and bias; problems come and go, if you’re weak, you’ll surely be shaken.

Our ATTITUDE is one big factor, your positive attitude can go a long way, it could determine how successful you’ll be in the future. Anything can happen – chaos, accidents and even death. But our reactions will determine how mature or immature we are.

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Tiny Crochet Dress for Barbie


Passion is what keeps you going. My favorite Success Cheerleader Terri Savelle-Foy said, “There’s a direct link between your Purpose, Passion and Potential.” Concentrate on that 3 and you will never see life as a burden or a problem but a challenge to overcome!

I love crafts – everything crafty – Crocheting, Knitting, paper quilting, Paper designing, bead making etc. Though my blog is about Parenting, Motivation and crafts – I concentrate on crafts because it motivates me a lot, I can crochet all day long without complain.

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