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How I Overcame My Fear Of Blogging?


The FEAR of failure is the number one killer of SUCCESS in your blogging journey. It paralyzes your entire mind and body; it has the ability to stop you do greater things. It can cause you to stumble and stop dreaming.

We all fear something. No one is exempted! Written below are some of them:

  • Fear of Rejections
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of Death
  • Fear of Criticisms
  • Fear of the Future
  • Fear of the Unknown

I have lots of them! Listed below are my fears – the reason why it took me years before starting my blogging journey:

  1. The Fear of Criticism – I am so defensive, easily angered and over- sensitive, a single criticism can crash my spirit.
  2. My husband and parents only do traditional business. They never believe in working online. To them, blogging is just a waste of time and effort. I never got their support.
  3. I always question myself, “what if I fail?” My savings might be at risk.
  4. What will I tell my friends if I failed? They might turn their shoulders away from me and tell me, I’m doing crazy things!
  5. My English Sucks – I only knew basic ones
  6. I don’t know how to write a professional content. Mine is just a simple one.

The FEAR of FAILURE took me 7 years before starting this blog – the blog I always wanted my whole life. That fear hindered me from believing in myself and my ability to showcase my talent and passion to the world.  Lots of wasted hours but I had gained so much knowledge that I can apply and contribute to the world.

I love blogging… I really do! The love of it pushed me to read and research more, in fact, I’m spending 2 to 3 hours daily, researching, learning and reading blogging tips, tricks and strategies. I bought a lot of books, downloaded eBooks and watched blogging tips on YOU TUBE to learn and gain more knowledge.

And here comes my blog. After so many doubts, Fears and discouraging words, I had the Guts to start my blogging journey!  I think I am ready for a big Launch…

“No guts, No Glory!

I don’t care anymore if people will criticize me, saying I’m not good enough, that my English Sucks… 7 years is enough to feed my Fears… I have to do something for myself and nothing and no one will ever stop me from growing!


Note: I am not a SUCCESS guru but I read a lot.  And made sure I practice what I read!

Without further Ado, let’s start listing!


You cannot totally eliminate Fear; it will always be there so embrace it. Never allow it to ruin your day. Your ability to face it will give you the real courage to move one step ahead.


  • Your fear of getting fat will push you to work out even if you are in bad mood.
  • The fear of failing your exam will push to study hard.
  • The fear of losing your job will push you to wake up early and go to work even if it’s raining
  • The Fear of financial instability is your number 1 reason why you save for the future
  • The fear of losing your business will push you to work harder and longer than your competitions

SEE?  Act despite of fear!  Feel the fear but never let it stop you!


Your promise and self- affirmation will help you eliminate self-doubt. This will give you hope to act despite of fear.

Every time I encounter discouragements, I always go back and read my promise to myself!


  • I will not Give up no matter what the odds may be
  • I may be pressed but never will be crushed
  • I will make this blogging journey is a beautiful experience
  • I will make this BLOG succeed to its greatest heights
  • I will read more to become more
  • I will help others to get what they want
  • I will never take criticisms personally – It will not stop me from achieving the things that I am intended to do

Identify what causes your fears. What’s the worst case scenario that could happen if you fail? If it will not KILL you, it shouldn’t FEAR you!

I commonly used a sheet of paper. I divide it into two: On the left side I figure out what causes my fears, on the right, the possible solution for each case. I also journal my daily blessings so I’ll be grateful for the things I have.


Be like eagles, they see great distance.

What will happen to your BLOG 5 years from now? If you can’t see SUCCESS, the obstacles will always be there to frighten you.

And a SUCCESSFUL blog was accompanied by a great SACRIFICE. It was a part of a PROCESS.


Knowledge will be your best revenge. If you know everything – no force, no power, no criticism will ever put you down.

I have the fear of standing in front of the crowd, my whole body shake. And I have to be perfectly ready. If you know what you’re saying, no power will stop you.

Knowledge can give you outstanding confidence!

And always remember, everybody has FEARS; the only difference is that, they act despite of fear, they feel the power but they never let it ruin their plans.

  1. PRAY

Prayer I say is the most powerful thing I do when confronted with FEARS. I feel God’s embrace when I pray. I feel more secure when I kneel down in prayer.

Prayer has the power to eliminate negative feelings and emotions. It has the ability to move mountains.

What do you think about the article. Please comment below.

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9 thoughts on “How I Overcame My Fear Of Blogging?

  1. Hi Vian,

    I saw you tweeting about home and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like Vian has come a long way!

    Have you thought of building a mailing list? I think people would really like to be signed up to what you have to share.

    Good job on the social buttons, social media is so powerful these days

    You should consider installing an SEO plugin like Yoast or something, theres loads of good free ones.

    Also places like supa growth make free software for websites like yours, be worth checking out.

    Keep making great stuff!

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  3. This is a great post that talks about so many of the fears all of us bloggers have! Continuing to move forward in spite of the fear is what we must do. Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. I agree! No guts, No glory… I’ve always been afraid of being criticized but accepted the fact that we cannot please everyone. I received heartbreaking comments before but decided to ignore it and I just add comment moderation feature instead. If others won’t like any blog post or the way I write, then they simply shouldn’t visit my blog, agree?

    • Thank you for stopping by and dropping comments..Really appreciate your effort. True, we have to ignore heartbreaking comments, other people are just so mean but we must be tougher!

  5. I am a new blogger and I truly understand your fear because it took me 10 years to blog (again).

    Congrats on conquering your fears and cheers to your blogging journey!

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