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Everyday thousands of Filipinos leave their homeland to work abroad to seek for a greener pasture. They left their husbands and wives, children, their jobs and their positions for greater opportunities.  The number one reason is the lack of opportunities in the country. Unemployment and underemployment are so high that the government cannot sustain all the jobs needed for its citizens.

But why are so many overseas workers after spending years of working abroad went home a failure? They are back to zero again? Why did they fail?

  • They abused their salaries, buying things that don’t value much.
  • Their families asked too much, they cannot say “No”. They want to provide everything for them
  • They don’t know the different between needs and wants
  • They were abused by their employers.
  • Due to homesickness, they were in love with an abusive man
  • They have a wrong mindset about money,
  • They believed that it’s okay to splurge. It’s okay to celebrate once in a while.
  • Their friends are bad influence; their past time is going to the bar.
  • They were abused by illegal recruiters

I am once an OFW but failed due to some of the above reasons. “Money”- if you don’t take care of it, it will eventually fade away. It will go to the one who knew how to handle it.

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak can sink a ship” – Benjamin Franklin

In 2008, Global crisis struck, it leads to a repatriation of hundreds of factory workers in Taiwan and other factories in Southeast Asia. Many were left unguarded. Many went home a failure, with no savings and still have outstanding debts at home.

I strongly believed that the crisis is a wakeup call for us to stop spending too much of our salary and start saving for another crisis to come. Stop those nonsense activities like going to the bar and splurging so much of your salary for an adventure. I heard this lot, there are two places every OFW go to ease their loneliness – to the bar or to the church. The choice is yours.

Put your money instead in business or investment that will make your net worth higher.  What is the prize can we get from shedding all those sweats, blood and tears if we see ourselves going home investing nothing but our expensive clothing, cell phones and jewelries that can be easily stolen by snatchers in Quiapo and Divisoria?

Isn’t it more fulfilling to see ourselves roaming around our new build apartments, restaurants and businesses that can feed us for a lifetime than to spurge on things that devalue in a long run?

Below are my top 5 tips and strategies that any OFW can adopt to be successful.

1. Faith in God

What Faith can do?

It can move mountains. Your faith is Powerful. Your faith allows God to work wonders in you, so release faith to the uncommon. In faith, you believed that God will protect you, your family and your job.

We have our own goals and ambitions; goals that are often impossible to the eyes of the mediocre. But if we trust God to work wonders in that dream, no one and no evil plot will prosper, we will succeed no matter what.

Trust God to give you strength to persevere under trials. My greatest ambition is to build multi-million businesses, not just for my family but for my constituents. I want to employ more people, give to charities and tour the world. I believe that God did not put a desire in my heart if He will not give me strength and ability to fulfill it. Have faith because nothing is impossible with God.

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2. Save and invest

Don’t squander your hard earned money. Put them on business that can provide income for your family while you are away. Buying expensive cars, cell phones and gadgets is truly a waste of money. It will just make your friend envious.

Save and invest first and one day you don’t need to work overseas to provide. Save at least 10 percent of your salary and invest it in mutual funds, bonds and stock market. Passive income is needed for your retirement, incomes that run even if you are sleeping.

3.Be Persistent

Persistence is doing the work consistently without losing your joy and focus even if you don’t see a result. It is perseverance under trial. It is never giving up even if no one else believes in the beauty of your dreams.

Never dare to give up. Wise men said, “You are not a loser if you fail but you are if you quit”. Never ever surrender you dreams to dream stealers. Our courage to persist longer than anyone else will surely guarantee us to achieve our life’s goal.

4. Always think positive

You will never please everybody. Along the way, you will meet someone who will discourage you to achieve greatness, they will mock you saying you are not good enough but never let them ruin your life. They are there as a bait to destroy your God given destiny. They will always find fault even if you are good to them.

You are the in charge of your lives, you are the driver, the manager, the pilot, and the president of your life, it’s up to you if you let it break you or mold you.

As saying goes “both poverty and riches are result of the state of mind”.

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6. Goal Setting

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably wind up somewhere else” – David Campbell

Create a written plan and a deadline for each attainment. No mansion is build without a plan, make your own plan today and take action regardless of the circumstances.

Lastly, strive to be a better individual…Never Give-up!

Let us learn from him:

“He failed in business at 22, defeated for public office at 23, failed again at 24, and had a nervous breakdown at 27. Defeated again in a bid for public office at 29,31,34,39,46,47,49 but finally won the presidency of the United States of America at 51.”

Who is He?

He is Abraham Lincoln. He is regarded as one of the best and the greatest president of United States of America.

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