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My Life Goals – All things are Possible

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How are you? What are your goals in life?

Yes, 2018 is here and everybody is busy creating their New Year’s resolution, from weight loss, family goals to financial independence. Myself included, my goals are simple yet complicated.

And until now I am optimistic that everything will work out for good. Nothing is Impossible with GOD, 2018 will be the greatest year of my life.

My greatest ambition is to become a multi-millionaire of the next generation; I want to be a president or a CEO of my own company. When I told this to my husband, he burst in laughter and said, “You’re insane”.

Others may laugh at your dreams but there’s nothing wrong or bad about dreaming and aiming for the farthest star.

Your goals should push you to work your hardest. Go for the highest goals possible. Dreams that will motivate you to act despite of fear. Aim for the farthest star and believe all things will be possible. But of course, while dreaming take action. You will never reach your goals if you don’t put enormous amount of effort and sacrifices on that dream. Hard work, consistency, and Perseverance are the keys to your success and of course, your attitude, you must be tough to follow through.

The formula of success is simple but it’s not an easy road. If you are not emotionally, mentally and physically ready, you will end up quitting at the middle.

Henry Sy, owner of SM Supermalls; Cecilio Pedro, owner of Lamoiyan Corporation who manufactures Hapee toothpaste, internet millionaire Gurbaksh Chahal, and Jack Ma, the owner of the largest eCommerce in China, alibaba group started from scratch before reaching the top. Their stories are the best example of a rag to riches stories, they all believe all things are possible.

They are the reason why I keep on dreaming and believing. They are the reason why my enthusiasm and positive energy never fades.  If they have made it to the top, I believe I can too. If you believed in your dreams nothing will be impossible for you. Yes, all things are possible with God.

Without those wild dreams, there are no airplanes, computers, and Mobiles phones today. Those inventions made our life instant and easy.

In order to succeed, start with little, SAVE and INVEST.  Before I decide to save and invest. I am a huge spender. I splurge a lot like there’s no tomorrow. I am a big fan of “SALE” and “BUY 1, TAKE 1”. If I see ads like this, my energy rises high, I will buy even  if I don’t need the item, then borrow from my friends if my money isn’t enough until the next pay day.

Here are the three mistakes I’ve done before that made me incurred large amount of debts.

1.  Income – Expenses = saving

I do this all the time, anything left after my expenses will be my savings. So if my expenses exceed my salary, my saving will be postponed for the next pay day.

2. I allow other beliefs to hinder me from saving

When I was pregnant with my first son, I stopped saving because my mother-in-law didn’t allow me. According to her it was a bad luck saving while pregnant; it seems I am preparing for something bad that will happen in the future. So I discontinue it. I realized it was a bad move.

3. I was afraid to invest in high risk investments

I only put my money in savings account because I was afraid to lose more money, but I have to take the risk. The only way to financial independence is investing in high risk investments like business and stock market.

So I read a lot of business books and magazine to learn more about complex investments, how it works and how can I apply it.

Here are the Top 8 things you can do to make your dreams come true, let’s learn from the experts:
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1. Choose your friends well by John Maxwell

The size of your dream will determine how long it will take it to fall. Doing a little is much more important than doing a lot someday.

Start by eliminating negative friends. Birds of feathers flock together. Who your friends are will determine who you’ll be in the future. The Bible says, “Bad Company corrupts good character”.

Choose your friends wisely, you don’t need a lot but you need a good one. Your friends may be an asset or a liability.

2. Don’t SETTLE for less than the BEST by Dr. Charles Stanley

Don’t settle for whatever comes your way. Believe that you can achieve and accomplish greater things.

3. Build your CONFIDENCE by John Maxwell

“I never meet a person who is not successful without having a great amount of self-discipline in their lives.”

Self-Discipline and being able to perform and able to keep a schedule and a deadline is essential to success. None of us can afford to have a life being controlled by someone else or a life controlled by our emotion.

4. Don’t Envy your neighbor by

Envy interferes with people’s ability to think and act. Instead of working on attaining a high level of success, you focus on what you don’t have. An envious person is blind to their own progress since their only aim is to have what someone else already has.

The reality is that there will always be someone smarter, better or stronger than you are, so better focus on your strengths and talents.

5. TAME your TONGUE by Joel Osteen

Words are powerful. It has the ability to build or destroy. Learn to control your tongue. God will not promote you if you don’t have the character to back it up.

Some things are better left unsaid. The reason why we have two ears and one mouth is to listen twice as much as we speak.

6. DEVELOP a powerful SELF-IMAGE by Jim Rohn

Develop a leader’s mentality. If they will not see you as a leader, they will not follow. They must see you as fair and willing to do the right thing.

7. Be DETERMINED by Terri Savelle Foy

You must have the magical determination that you refuse to quit. Be so determined that you will outlast the devil because you will fulfill your assignment.

The Bible says, “I glorify you on earth by completing down to the last details what you have assigned me to do.”

8. Have a WINNER’S MINDSET by Fitz Villafuerte

Having a winner’s mindset is mostly about having self-confidence and the ability to make others believe in that confidence. Yes, all things are possible, just act and do your work.

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 What are your goals in life. Please leave your comments below.

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