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My Borderless World


Life is full of borders. We sometimes feel that we live inside the box, so limited. But if you look at the horizon, you’ll see, you have a “borderless” world.

it’s true, Life is full of chaos and mysteries that has the ability to stop or prevent us from fighting for the things we want in life. Poverty is one, many students these days choose their course in college according to what is affordable. You want to be a doctor or a lawyer but because your parents cannot afford it, you settled for something “less” even if it’s not your passion and potential. But after graduation, you didn’t pursue it because it’s boring to you. It is not what you want to do.

I was born and raised in the province that was very far from civilization. I felt that our lives are full of borders, so limited and hopeless. My childhood days are full of struggles, chaos and unending misfortunes. Our community had no electricity, we used pine woods to light our home, we sleep early at around 6 to 7 pm because the surrounding was already dark. We didn’t  have water supply, we have to fetch water 1 kilometer away from home. To eat, we have to plant root crops, vegetables and rice. We seldom eat meat, fish and bread because the city is miles away.

During harvest, we carry our load of vegetables 7 kilometers to the nearest car station.

As a kid, it was tiring and difficult, a hopeless case surrounded by borders. Everytime I see kids from the city I envy them and pity myself, and wished I was them. They lived a luxurious life in large houses full of Christmas lights, they wear clean, neat and branded clothes, they have lots of toys that we don’t have.

But our dad never give-up on us, he let us believed that nothing in this world is impossible. Everything those kids had, we will be having in due time. All our dreams will come true if we never give-up. He instilled in our mind the importance of education, determination, hard work and integrity.

My parents sacrificed a lot to support our education;  It was hard for them to send us to college but they never give-up on us. To payback their sacrifices, we focused on our studies.

My college years were difficult; I lived in my aunt’s house. I realized I was left behind when it comes to latest gadgets like mobile phones, and computers.  I was ignorant with the issues of the world. I admit, it was also my first time to watch television, funny but true.

Benguet Province

Though my childhood days are difficult and full of borders never did I regret the things and the life I had. I owed my good health to the fresh vegetables I ate when I was young. I’m healthier than kids who ate daily processed food like hotdogs, Longganisa, Tapa and tocino.

Poverty has molded me to be tough and strong despite the issues and problems of the world. I was immuned to hardships. I never give-up easily, I believe that God put all the resources in our behalf to manage; it’s up to us to use it for our own good.

My parents are my greatest teacher and mentor. They taught me that my world is not limited, that I have a borderless world; and my future is in my hands. My parents are the best gift I ever had, they taught me to bounce back every time I’m knocked down; they taught me to live life with integrity and honesty.  I may not have the luxuries the world can give, I had the best parents and siblings that money cannot buy.

I am now a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and a blogger. I can say, I am contented with what I have now because I am happy, strong and healthy.

Nothing in this world is impossible. Be BORDERLESS!

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