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How your Morning Routines Determine your Productivity


Your morning routine matters because how you start your day could make or break your entire day! Everybody wants to consume their time productive because it’s limited. We all have an equal amount of time, 24 hours a day! Every tick of the clock is a minute closer to our grave. So you have to spend your time on things that God created you to do – your PURPOSE!

What on Earth are you here for? What is your passion and how that passion benefits others. Wise men said, “Your life is your Gift from God, What you do with your life is your gift back to God.”

I was once a complaining vampire but I tried to shift my mind to the things that were positive. I don’t want to destroy my day because of small problems or petty things. The world is sometimes cruel and bias; problems come and go, if you’re weak, you’ll surely be shaken.

Our ATTITUDE is one big factor, your positive attitude can go a long way, it could determine how successful you’ll be in the future. Anything can happen – chaos, accidents and even death. But our reactions will determine how mature or immature we are.

If you start your day complaining, comparing, and blaming, you will surely have a bad day. If you switch that negative feeling into something positive, you will have a productive day. Choose!

Morning habits are essential, here are my take on how to stay positive all day!


This is the first thing I do in the morning. I meditate, pray, listen to praise and worship song, read at least 1 Bible verse, listen to inspirational videos on you tube and read my daily AFFIRMATIONS and DECLARATIONS.

These habits allow me to fight all kinds of negative emotions.  When negative feeling comes, it will be easier to switch into positive one. By prayer and meditation we’re emotionally and mentally ready.

Let’s face it, accidents (major and minor) and death can happen any time; this is the thing we cannot control. You can control everything – including finances and power – but when accident and death struck at the middle, no amount of money can save you!

Our FAITH gives us the feeling that we’re safe. We can depend on Him in tough times. God will fight the battles for you.


Life is a continuous battle. The world is cruel. Prepare your armor – your attitude! Your positive attitude will determine how successful and productive your day and your future will be.

Nobody will fight the battles for you. You have to pick up your weapon and learn how to fight.

Don’t allow your negative feelings rule. Negative thoughts attract Negative things. Negative people can attract negative people.

Before a boxer goes into a fight, he must be mentally, emotionally and physically ready. If not, he will surely lose his battle in a minute. So he goes into extensive trainings months before the competition.

Another example, when you say “hi” to your neighbor and didn’t reply or smile back, what will be your initial reaction? That one thing has the ability to destroy your mood for that entire day.  Never put it deeply in your heart. Justify her action! Don’t immediately conclude, she’s might facing some problem herself.


I heard this years ago from Jim Rohn podcast, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will be wind up somewhere else”.

Make a plan and visualize it. It’s very important that you know where your life is heading and the sacrifices you have to take to achieve.

Imagine yourself living in an elegant mansion, with a beautiful garden of flowers, full of shimmering chandeliers and big swimming pool. How’s the feeling? Of course, Money can’t buy happiness but poverty isn’t either. Money can solve almost half of the problems of the world, it just depend on the hand that holds.

Visualizing your goals can motivate and inspire you to fight against all odds. It will be your vessel to go the distance!

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What if you caught your best friend destroying your reputation behind your back?

The solution will define on what kind of problem solver you are. If you are overly sensitive and emotional, you might follow your feeling, and you’ll slap her without warning, all you want is to get even.

But if you are a mature problem solver, you will use the “gift of the gap.” Always think before you act. Take a deep breath, count 1 to 10, exhale and inhale, if it doesn’t help count 1 to 100. I do this ritual all the time and it’s effective, I promise!

A Mature problem solver will figure out first what’s going on, and the reason behind. The gap will give you enough time to calm yourself, it will give you time to think of the best possible solution without putting more kerosene into the fire. Don’t let your anger lead you into sin.

Many problems start the same but ended differently because of different approaches and reactions. Some are over reacting than others; there are also people who can’t sleep without getting even. They think that revenge is the best way to solve the conflict.

The best advice that our dad told us is “to always use the gift of the gap when conflict starts to arise.”

What will you do in between gaps?

First, this is the best time to inhale and exhale to let your anger subside and think of a better solution.

Second, this is the best time to think of the consequences in advance.  Example, what will happen if you let your anger rule? Use your wild imagination; capture the scene. If you slap your best friend’s face in front of her friends, what will happen next? It will surely trigger her anger and you’ll end up fighting and hurting each other.

Third, it is the time to pray and ask God for a forgiving heart.

According to Bo Sanchez – my favorite preacher and motivational speaker – there are two kinds of problem and conflict solver. They are the emotionally irresponsible and the emotionally responsible.

The emotionally irresponsible are people who express their emotion shortly after each conflict; they are short and immature thinkers.

Emotionally responsible on the other hand are more mature problem solvers, they always use the gift of the gap before reacting; they solve the problem in positive way.


We are all created for a purpose. The purpose of a mobile phone is to make communication easier.  The purpose of an airplane is to make travel easier and comfortable.

What is your purpose? You have to figure out. I believe that my purpose is to help motivate people through my God’s given talents and gifts.

My Mission in life is to create a sustainable business that can help moms. Teach them how to work at home and to craft their purpose.

I once heard a wise man said, “What you do not use, you lose!” So I want to use my gifts, skills, and talents for God’s glory.

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