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The Top 10 Marks of a Winner


Attitude is a difference maker. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people lies in the way they handle their problems and victories. 

The book entitled Marks of the Winner written by Ed Lapiz created a big impact in my life. And I want to share it with you to give inspiration and encouragement.

As a mom, I want the best life for myself and my children. A winner’s mindset is essential so I can handle criticisms and setbacks without being drown.

1. Winners know their rightful place

God has given us different talent and gifts, so He expects us to live according to our purpose. We were gifted with different talents like singing, dancing, DIY and crafts, writing, speaking and many more. Our gifts might be different from others but we have equal opportunities, if we live within our gifts, we will surely succeed. Don’t go opposite of what God has intended you to be.

Some parents force their kids to get a course away from their gifts and talents. The result – many of them didn’t finish college because they’re bored. Others might finish it but didn’t pursue.  Some failed.

It is difficult to push someone in something they don’t want. Life is short to waste on things that do not mean much to you. You will see that your value will light up if you stay on your purpose. Know your rightful place.

2. Winners Do not talk too much

Words are explosive. It can burn bridges. It can burn a whole mountain. It has the power to build or destroy. It has the ability to curse and bless our future. A Lot of broken relationships is due to careless spoken words.

If you kick an empty can, it’s loud but if it’s full – it is quiet.  Same with us, loud people are often characterized as brainless and stupid, they oftentimes talk nonsense.

Proverbs 201:19 saying “gossip betrays a confidence, so avoid a man who talks too much.” I realized the more words you utter the more damage it will create. So if you have nothing to say, be silent.

We have to listen more than we talk, that’s the reason why we have two ears and one mouth.

3. Winners Do not trust blindly

Be careful with people whom to trust, investigate first before lending them large amount of money. I have seen friendships that had fallen apart because one didn’t pay his debt. He is full of promises he doesn’t fulfill.

According to survey, many of those who break our trust are within our circle of friends and families.  You cannot trust someone with large amount of money unless she is close to you.  And more often, money is the root of distrust.

I have heard news regarding pyramiding scams. Many joined because their friends invited them. They believed they will not fail them, but they still did.  Money can sometimes be the avenue of the devil to destroy a relationship. Make sure you stand firm.

4. Winners do not commit easily

Learn to say no. Accept only the task that you can do better, saying yes to all will only mean less time with your family. Other people also commit themselves as guarantor to their friend’s loan, Be careful because you might pay the consequences if they will not pay it in due time.

Some people including my husband cannot say “no” most especially to his chosen friends. He had withdrawn money from our bank just to lend it. I asked him “why?” He just answered me, “I just can’t say no”. That simple and no explanation after that.

Life is difficult, if you say “yes” to everybody. You will end up losing and they will end up winning.

5. Winners avoid offending people

In your anger do not sin. It’s easy to offend people when you are angry – it’s easy to say destructive words that might destroy others reputation.  Be careful.

Choose your friends wisely because a negative character attracts negative people. When you always offend people they might find a way to get even.  I have seen a lot of people who always have a final say, and they have no good friends either.

There are people who crack jokes out of proportion and if they hurt someone, they will judge him as “balat sibuyas” (over-sensitive). Why is that?

6. Winners Keep themselves Useful

Hard work is one of the key to success. It is impossible to achieve greatness without hard work.

Winners know their priorities. They never mistake busyness with achievement. There are people who are so busy doing their thing but at the end of the day, do not add value to their lives.

Winners are not burdensome, they make themselves busy. They worked hard, they invest in business. They work longer than anyone else.

7.  Winners Value their good Reputation

Good name is crucial. This is the best thing you can leave to your kids when you’re gone. The lesson of Martial Law is the best example.  Ferdinand E. Marcos implemented Martial Law long time ago but its consequences run in history until these days. I remember Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos said in an interview that his kids even the young “Marcoses” are being bashed and bullied in school due to what happened a long time ago.

As a mom, this might be the greatest nightmare. Seeing your kids carry a name that they will hate for a lifetime.

Winners do not destroy their name by doing illegal acts. They value their reputation more than silver and gold.

8. Winners Plan

Successful people plan their day ahead. They never start their day without planning. Winners do not let the day runs them, they run their day.

They organize their life by planning according to God’s master plan. They write it down because they believed that half the battle is won if they place their goals on paper.

9. Winners focus and concentrate on the task at hand

They never waste their time; they focus and finished the task at hand before shifting to another.

This is just my opinion; millennial babies are a little bit lazy, maybe because they are born in the time where all are instant – instant coffee, instant noodles, instant everything.

So if they don’t like their boss, their co-workers or their environment it’s easy for them to quit their jobs.

10. Winners know when to stop

When you have already achieved your goals, what’s next? Make sure you know when to stop and be contented. Some people acquire more and more wealth and forgot they have life to live.

Never allow your ambition to destroy the relationship you have with your family. They are the best things you have above money, power and fame.

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8 thoughts on “The Top 10 Marks of a Winner

  1. This is very motivating! I like what you said about writing down your goals. It’s a struggle for me to do that but I find it always helps a ton and makes me feel like I can only write a real goal, not a “wish”. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing this devotional! I have met Pastor Ed Lapiz in person before because he is a friend of my dad and mom. Great man. I especially like point #10 because it talks about contentment. 🙂

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