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Leaders Must Haves – How to Lead Effectively


If you want to be an effective leader, learn to be a servant first.

Learn to humble yourself. Humility is not thinking less of yourself; It is thinking of yourself less – C.S. Lewis.

It is one of the greatest assets a leader must have, it is more important than power and fame.  Your humility will stand up after your fame and power has gone.

Humble leaders magnetize all the grace of God, They are leaders the world needs.

Simon Sinek – a motivational speaker and the author of the best-selling book, Start with Why, shared a great story:

There was a former undersecretary of defense who was invited to speak in a large conference about a thousand of people.  He was standing in the stage with this cup of coffee in Styrofoam cup. After he sipped, he said, Last year I spoke in these exact the same conference, I was still the undersecretary of defense. When I spoke here last year they flew me here business class. When I arrived at the airport somebody is waiting for me to take me in my hotel room.

The next morning, I came downstairs and there’s someone waiting in the lobby to greet me and drove me into this exact the same venue. They took me into a green room where they handed me a cup of coffee in a beautiful ceramic cup.

Now, I am no longer the undersecretary.  I flew here coach. I took a taxi into my hotel. When I came down to the lobby this morning, I took another taxi into this venue. I came in front door and found my way backstage. And when I ask someone “Do you have any coffee?” He pointed to the coffee machine at the corner and I poured myself a cup of coffee into this Styrofoam cup. He said, “The cup is never meant for me, it is meant for the position I held. I deserve a Styrofoam cup.”

As you gain fame and fortune, as you gain position and authority people will treat you better. They will hold doors open for you. They will get you a cup of coffee without you even ask. They will call you Sir and Ma’am and they will give you stuff. None of that stuff is meant for you, it is meant for the position you hold. You deserve a Styrofoam cup. Always remember this lesson of HUMILITY.

The 3 Characteristics of a Great Leader

  1. A Great Leader Learns

They are not close-minded. They don’t pretend they know everything. They need somebody to teach them. They get wisdom from people who were above them. They get a mentor to teach them techniques on how to lead effectively.

They read a lot of books – business and leadership books. They study biographies of the greatest leaders. They never stop learning. They constantly feed their minds with knowledge.

  1. A Great Leader Listens

Nelson Mandela is universally regarded as a great leader. He said, “To be a great leader, you must learn to be the last to speak”. The skill to hold opinion to yourself until everyone has spoken will give everyone the feeling that they have been heard.

Humility is listening to people around you. You don’t want to monopolize all the wisdom of the world. If we jumble the word LISTEN, it will be SILENT. We can only hear in silence! Listening is the skill powerful and great leaders have.

A humble leader encourages by saying thank you, I’m sorry and I believe in you. They will be more effective if they put themselves in their subordinate’s shoes.

He listens to what he needs to know, not just on what he wants to hear. Proverbs 2:4 says each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others.

  1. A Great Leader Leaves

Leaders must leave because somebody needs to shine.

Greed will come if you hold on to your position for so long and don’t want to pass it on to others.

Always bear in mind; you will eventually leave someday – maybe due to death or health conditions – so teach others to lead while you’re able.

I have 2 sons (3 and 6 years old). Their father is over-protective. Every time they fall, their father rushes in to help them up. I told my husband not to but he insists on helping them.

My point is – When you help them every time they fall down, it will make them weak and dependent.  You should teach them the lessons of falling.

You will be gone someday, Leave your kids the courage and the true essence of a good leader. Teach them to live without you.

 Loving is letting go…

Loving is letting grow…

Loving is letting glow…

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Credits: Simon Sinek Motivation


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19 thoughts on “Leaders Must Haves – How to Lead Effectively

  1. I love the article and I totally agree with your views. If everytime someone calls and go to catch that person. He/she will have a hard time standing on Thier own when you are not there to help

  2. Yes! I wish all employers had employees read this post their first day on the job. Pretending to know everything leads to guaranteed embarrassment.

  3. In my whole experience in employment in corporate America, I can honestly say I had one leader who had these qualities. I know this because he not only implemented them in his day to day life, he also trained me to do these same things. I’m going to share this with him as a thank you. Thank you for sharing this article, this was very enjoyable to read.

  4. These are very wise words. I’m a lot like your husband it sounds. I rush to help my kiddos way to soon. My husband gets onto me all the time with the same reasoning. Now that I have two very mommy dependent toddlers’ I’m starting to realize, maybe he was right.

  5. Totally agree! We are teaching my toddler how to skate and part of that is teaching her how to get up on her own and not just picking her up. This is a great reminder, thanks!

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