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How to Make this Lovely Flower Decor


It’s my Craft’s Day!

One of the most exciting parts of my week! Doing what I enjoyed the most. Truly they say, “Follow your passion and you’ll never work another day in your life”.

It’s so exciting to make this simple but beautiful piece of art – a flower decor out of paper. It took me 3 and a half hours but I enjoyed every step of the way.  Crafting is indeed my greatest love.  Some of my crafts took me days and even months to create but every piece of it worth the long hours. My collections made me proud of myself and inspired me to create more. Passion is when you’re never get tired of doing it. In my case, I can “waste” continuous 6 hours daily just creating one.

I was depressed last November and crafting made me recover. And I thank God for giving me hobbies that worth my time and effort.

As Terri Savelle Foy said (she is my favorite mentor and preacher), “There is a direct link between your Passion, Purpose and Potential. Dig deeper and you’ll find the exact path you’re looking for.” This is the phrase I’m laying down my foundation in my blogging journey. I have to find a niche that has a long-term impact – DIY Craft is I think profitable and enjoyable niche for moms out there.

Your passion is your interests, talents and hobbies – hobbies that can be transformed into business. Hobbies that you’re never tired of doing even if things are getting worse.

It is passion when you could dedicate so much of your time and effort without complains and questions – If it drives and inspires you to go further than anyone else.

Your Purpose on the other hand is what you are called and intended to do on earth.  Just like mobile phones, airplanes, computers and internet – why are they created?  – of course for easier communications and transportation. Just imagine life without these creations and innovations.

We all have equal opportunities only with different passion and purpose. God created us unique to have a balance world, that’s why He created doctors, lawyers, businessmen, bloggers, etc.  You should find your why and your compelling reasons why you are created.

Every morning, in my minute of meditation, I always ask myself why I’m still alive. (Some die in their sleep, so be thankful if God has given you another day). What is God’s message for me that day, I want to live each moment with a purpose and a mission! And that includes sharing my creations and designs to the world – and to inspire and love them even if they are unlovable.

My passion in life is what keeps me going,  it includes creating designs of any kind – may it be crocheting, bead making, quilting and any paper crafts.

Below is my flower decor out of  paper.  Simple but lovely, Yay! Hope you like it. Cheers!!!

  1. Making the Leaves

  • Cut a perfect square – For this craft, I made two pieces of leaves that measured 7 by 7 inches, three pieces of 5 inches, 1 piece 4 inches and 5 pieces that measured 3 inches.

  • Cut it at the middle to make a triangle
  • Fold starts at the longer side – small folds (front, back, front)
  • Paste
  1. Creating the Petals

  • Make a perfect circle
  • One petal is consist of 5 circles
  • Fold the circle into four (see above photo)
  • Paste the edges ( see below photo)
  1. Combine the two

  • It’s time to combine the petals and the leaves together to make a beautiful wall decor.
  • Place the bigger ones below

We all have different talents and gifts and you have to find out what’s yours – what makes you happy.  What do you enjoy doing without being afraid of criticisms and negative feedback?  Never get tired of discovering new things.

I read articles, watched tons of youTube videos about the lives of successful people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Joel Osteen, my favorite NBA player Stephen Curry, etc. and one thing I learned from them is to find my passion, to do what I love and enjoy. Don’t be a slave with a job that steals your peace of mind and self-worth.  Life is short to waste.

Great people are successful because they followed their passion and the purpose they are created for.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy reading.

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  1. Ok, I love this! Someone was selling these on a local Facebook page recently and I said I wanted to just try and make it on my own. Now maybe i will!

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