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How FAITH Overcame my FEARS?


Fear is the absence of Faith. When you let it in, you’re allowing it to stop you from achieving the things you are created to be.  We all have fears, even successful people have it – the only difference is that they never let it stop them. They act despite of fear!

According to research, the top 5 greatest fears of people are:

  1. Fear of the dark
  2. Fear of cockroaches and rats
  3. Fear of blood
  4. Fear of heights
  5. Fear of the unknown

I have listed below mine, fears that limit my life.

1. The Fear of Death

I was 8 years old when loss 2 of my younger sisters in just 1 month, they died of measles (there’s no anti-measles that time). I’ve seen how my mother suffered and cried a lot for that lost. It was painful for my mother to lose a child before her. She cried every day; she was totally depressed and emotionally drained that almost steal her sanity. It took her 1 year before she finally recovered.

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As a mom, that’s also my greatest fear – to loss my kids ahead of me. When my eldest son passed out in my arms due to convulsion, I almost fainted. I thought he’s dead. He was eight-month old. He lost his consciousness 3 times in one night, that night was a nightmare. His lungs are weak. Almost every month, after his first convulsion, we always bring him to the hospital – a simple cough and colds trigger his convulsion. Since then, I was very alert when it comes to his health; I sacrificed my career to take care of him full-time.

2. Fear of Lack

Financial scarcity can fear you, when you have no money to feed your kids, when you have nothing to give, when you have nothing to bring them to good school.

Wise men said, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but lack of money can’t buy either. If you have enough savings and emergency fund, it can protect you future headaches.

I’m afraid the hospital will not admit us because we don’t have enough money to pay our bills. This incident happened when we stayed at the hospital for another 3 days after the doctor discharged us, due to simple 2,000 peso-hospital bill that’s not paid.

It was hard but it gave me great lesson. Good attitude and good heart will never pay your bills. I realized, when things gets tough – only you can help yourself, some friends will hide their face from you!

Since then, I learned how to save and invest. I promised myself that this incident will never happen again in the future, before helping others help yourself first.

3. Fear of Ghost

I’m also afraid of the dark and Ghost – ghost stories, haunted house, coffin, cemetery etc. When I see someone in a coffin, I feel this strange feeling I couldn’t explain. It was a terrible feeling that up until now I had difficulty in overcoming.

Strange but true! It started when I was a kid – the time when we have no electricity at home – my older brother always makes fun of me. He will hide in a dark room, and when I pass, he whisper creepy sounds.  It made me feel terrible all the time.

That’s the reason why I hate “Halloween”. I had this feeling that bad spirits follow me through these days.

4. Fear of Snakes

I’m so afraid of snake though how small it was. I’m trembling when I see one. The movie Anaconda was such a great nightmare to me. Even its simple thriller made me sick.

5. Fear of Dog bites

My fear started when our neighbor’s dog bit my right leg, it almost stole my life. But when my mother started to adopt one, she taught me how to handle it. She let me forget my traumatic experience with dog bites.



You cannot totally eliminate fear. Fear will always be there even if you try hard enough to ignore it. Best way is to face it. Faith in our almighty God can also help you eliminate your fears. Give your fears to God, he will handle everything.

Just recently, my husband pranks me with a toy snake. He threw a tiny snake toy in my lap that made me tremble for a minute. I almost collapse and dreamed of it for 3 days.

To lessen my fear, I tried to touch it. On my first attempt, my body was shaking terribly so I didn’t succeed. I did touch on my second attempt. On my third and fourth I got used to it. It didn’t totally eliminate my fear but at least it made me courageous.


I stand in front of the mirror and challenge myself. I told myself, “Whatever happens, I will remain strong and tough even if confronted with unusual fears and circumstances.”

I affirm myself with positive affirmations. Positive declarations give me good headway! It opened my eyes to possibilities, that nothing is impossible.

Examples of my daily affirmations:

  • I am the Child of the most high God, Nothing can put me down!
  • I am stronger than my fears
  • I am tougher than any other negative forces
  • I am courageous
  • I am tough, God will give me strength to carry on


Your faith can move mountains. Faith is the ability to believe in the things you cannot see.

Inspirational messages that can give you headway!

1. FEAR focus on obstacles

    FAITH focus on results

2. Say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.” – Isaiah 35:4

3. Fear will limit your ability

Faith will push you to achieve

4. Faith and Fear have something in common.

They both ask us to BELIEVE in something we cannot see – Pastor Joel Osteen

5. Fear ends where Faith Begins

6. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. – Joshua 1:9

7. The only known cure for fear is FAITH – Lena Kellogg Sadle

8. FEAR has two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run or

Face Everything And Rise

The choice is yours

8. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” – Matthew 6:34

Hope you found this post interesting. Please comment what on your mind below.

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21 thoughts on “How FAITH Overcame my FEARS?

  1. I really like your daily affirmations. I, too, have terrible anxiety and panic. I worry about things no one else does. I would be highly disappointed in your husband for throwing that toy snake at you, he needs to understand what fear can be like. I like your use of scripture as it is hard to argue with the word of God.

  2. I love this post. Im fearful of not having money to feed and provide housing for my kids. I have health issues and cant work. We are totally dependent on my husbands salary. 🙁 I know that I shouldn’t worry because God cares for those who love him. But you need money to live and cost of living keeps increasing so fast and wages aren’t keeping up with that pace.

  3. Fear is the absence of Faith- this is really true. When I moved into a new house, everynight I always had nightmare and sleep paralysis. I cannot move any part of my body. All I do to overcome or escape from that fear is I always pray to God to help me overcome it and it really works.

  4. Fear is one of the scariest thing ever. Nowadays we are full of fear because we don’t know what will happen in this world. One of my biggest fear is heights, even thou I am 6 foot tall I still can’t be high up on a second floor or a bridge.

  5. These are all great words of advice for those times where we feel crippled by fear. We are always bigger than our fears! 🙂

  6. What comes up for me when I think of fear is the acronym: F.E.A.R. false evidence appearing real. I think it is part of the human experience though, and just like there’d be no light without dark, there would be no need for faith without fear. Thank you for the inspiration to think deeply what TRULY is fearful to me. 💝🙏🏼💕 Xo, Evelyn, 🦋

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