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The Different Types of Battles We Face Everyday



“Half the battle is won if you know the enemy more than they know you. If you know your enemies you can strategize better and more intelligently.”

I heard this preaching many Sundays ago but was still fresh in my imagination. It had changed my approach in dealing with conflicts. It gave me clearer picture on how to deal with one. There are lots of fights we are facing each day, from destructive words to emotional battles to actual fights, that has the power to make or break us. We cannot control the emotion and anger of other people; they can say anything out of our control. The only thing we could do is not to listen or to ignore them.

There are two types of fight, – the bad and the good fight. Bad fight is when you put a gasoline into the fire; it was an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. It occurs when no one dares to give-up and admits his/her mistake. They let the fire spread up until it destroys ones reputation, divide families, communities and even countries.
Good fight can be sports like a boxing match, basketball league, or a tournament, a fight that increases ones strategy, a fight that turns you even wiser. It is when you put water before the fire spread out; you let the conflict subside before it arises. And if that conflict was solved, both parties are even closer to each other and became friends.



Best examples are boxing fights of Manny Pacquiao and other boxing icons, wrestling, taekwondo and other physical sports. These are considered good fights because they are intended for entertainment.
I am not a boxing fan, I only watch Manny Pacquiao fights. He is my champion, a hero and I Filipino pride. Some of his boxing fights have listed a zero crime rate, imagine that. Two of the major events that unite Filipinos are Miss Universe and Pacquiao fights.
Pacquiao is also a hero to every Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), in a place where racial discrimination is rampant, seeing someone lifting a Filipino flag in a foreign land is a great pride that can boost our spirits.
Another example of this is the fight between our beloved soldiers and terrorist groups. I salute all military defenders who lost their lives to protect our beloved motherland from invaders.
Actual fights are seen also in the streets – road rage and teenage street fights, it happened due to lack of self-control, a simple joke can trigger ones ego that can push him to take revenge.


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Usually happened in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media forums. A simple gossip can spread as wild fire that has the ability to destroy one’s reputation.
Included here are shouting from your neighbors early in the morning. It irritates me every time I hear shouting from the other side. Some do not care if they are disturbing or not.


There are lots of back stabbers around. They disguise themselves as innocent angels when they are with you, but actually are evils when you are not around. It usually arises due to envious spirits, jealousy and hidden desires. Your enemy can be your friends, neighbors and close relatives.


It was a psychological warfare. Warfare in military means a planned operation to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audience to influence their emotion, motives, objective reasoning and ultimately the behavior of their enemy.

And sometimes silence is a girl’s loudest cry. You knew she was angry, upset or hurt if she starts ignoring you. She doesn’t need to talk to show you she’s angry.

The location of your battle happened in your mind. How you think affects what you believe. What you believe affects how you behave. Search your hearts and uproot the root cause of your emotional anger.

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9 thoughts on “The Different Types of Battles We Face Everyday

  1. There’s something to be said for the ability to drown out the negativity that surrounds us, but it’s also important to make sure we’re listening to one another. A lot of times, not effectively listening is what is contributing to our misunderstandings and arguments. Good post. Best of luck to you!!

  2. Such a great read. I find fighting on social media is just so pointless. I have very conservative views and I Prefer to share/agree to disagree. We don’t have to agree on everything to be friends! Definitely choose your battles and how you flame the fire (or put it out!).

  3. I do get silent when angry. I am woman hear me not roar. I’m trying very hard to not fight anymore. I don’t like the way it makes me feel when I’m angry.

  4. I don’t understand the fighting that goes on on social media…. We don’t all have the same viewpoints but that is what keeps life interesting … If we all thought the same how boring would that be…?

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