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It’s White Day – Our Fight against Privatization of Public Market


What am I Fighting for? I am forever against privatization of any public Entities especially our Public Market.

I’m neither a lawyer nor a politician. I’m a voter and a concern citizen who wants to fight for her rights. I have no idea or knowledge regarding privatization of public entities, but I have the right to investigate any questionable activities that can lead to the loss of our business and jobs.

Last month we were shaken by the news regarding Resolution No. 50 – Privatization of Lipa City Public Market. There’s no public consultation whatsoever. We were just informed prior to voting and deliberation. We are invited to witness the voting which was held at Lipa City Hall. Upon hearing the debates, I realized half of the city councilors want to privatize the public market. I was sad and depressed but I have to stand up for what I think is right. We will fight until the end. Our business is here and many will lose their jobs.

After the voting, we won! 7 councilors including the vice mayor voted for us, 6 voted against us. We celebrated only to find out that the mayor insisted to make the public market privatize. The case is still ongoing. But we will fight until we win.

The Lipa City Public Market most especially the “Bagsakan” Section is the center for discounted goods – fruits and vegetables coming from the North and the nearby agricultural lands. And most of our customers are coming from different barangays and municipalities like Cuenca, Batangas, Mataas na Kahoy, Balete, Rosario, Alabang, Padre Garcia, etc. If the Local government (the mayor) will implement the said privatization, it will result to fewer stalls, higher rent and fewer customers. Only those who can afford will have it.

Entrusting public entities to private firms will never solve any problem. It will just result to corruption and fraud. Hiring and deploying more cleaners, inspectors, officers to check its sanitation is I think better than depriving us of our value.

There are mayors before this administration including Mayor Vilma Santos-Recto and Mayor Oscar Gozos but they have successfully implemented the rules of Lipa Public Market without privatization. And they’re successful in implementing proper rules and guidelines regarding proper sanitation and fraud. They understood that the public market is for the people, many will suffer the consequences.

After all, the land where the Public Market’s situated was donated by a noble man Candido Lopez – the public market was named after him. Salute you Sir!

And today, we are standing here fighting – with a good fight! Hope the Good Lord will listen and act on our behalf.

During my college years, I never joined any rally or union – tuition fee increase, low salary, jeepney fare strike, etc. For me, it’s a waste of time and effort. Why are they doing such nonsense things? I thought they were just paid by corrupt officials to destroy their opponents. I thought they were just joining the team to receive money after to buy food for the table.



Then I’m facing the same situation, we are facing battles we’re ready to fight.  We are facing trials that left us unguarded. I now understand that you have to fight because you have kids to support. You have to bring them to good school. And we have our employees who will lose their jobs.

There are lots of questions for you mayor, it keeps on bothering me.

First, why do you need private entities to handle the management of public market? Can’t your administration handle it?

Why are you not hearing our plea? You said, you want cleanliness. Can’t you just hire more cleaners and inspectors to handle us? The money you’re collecting from us daily is more than enough for maintenance and other expenses.

Second, what is your intention? 2019 May election is near. Your term will end next year, 9 years in the service is over. If you really want to help us, why not privatize 3, 4, 5, or 8 years ago when you are newly elected mayor, when you have enough time? How could you help us if problem arises with the new management? Who will help us with our concerns?

I pray that God will open your eyes and that you’ll understand our plea, it’s not for us but to the community of Lipa City as well.

What can you say about our concerns? Please comment what’s on your mind in the comment section below.

Please pray for us!


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39 thoughts on “It’s White Day – Our Fight against Privatization of Public Market

  1. I really don’t know enough of this to comment. I do feel if something isn’t broken why fix it? If it is working the way the public is running it, why privatize it? If there is enough money being paid in to hire cleaners and inspectors it doesn’t seem to me it should need privatizing.

  2. That is not right at all that they vote for you than went back against you. That can hurt so many lives who depend on the market to make a living. Not right at all.

  3. It sounds like you are fighting a difficult and frustrating battle! It’s hard when the government officials make decisions that only benefit themselves and not the people they serve.

  4. I admire you for standing up for something you believe in. It is important to stay true to our beliefs. Keep fighting.

  5. I don’t know too much about this but want to do a little more reading into it. You seem very passionate on it so my curiosity is peaked.

  6. I don’t know much about privatization, but I agree that you should stand up for your beliefs and speak out. Good job!

  7. For me, there are areas of space utilization that suit best if being fulfilled by a private sector and there are areas that are and will continue to be best performed by the public sector.
    From: Calleigh K

  8. Some excellent questions to ask to begin discussion and develop understanding. Seeing this conflict resolve in a better than thought about solution. <3

  9. My dad is actually from Lipa. In fact, our family owns a couple of houses there. I am sooo glad you fought for this. Privatization, I believe just continues to spread corruption which is what the president has been trying to keep from happening. It’s so amazing to see the Filipinos really fighting hard for what they believe in now. It seemed like it’s come a long way!

  10. There are some things which need to belong to the community, regarldess of how much money could (possibly) stand to be made through privatization. A community is better served and more content when it is able to have a say in the things which affect it. <3 I commend your fight to keep your local market a public thing for the sake of your community.

  11. Not verse on this topic idea but it is very important to what you believe in and also find like minded people that can help alleviate the burden. Good luck

  12. Here in the Philippines, we often get into heat like that. Sometimes, there are blatant attempts to not be fair and I wonder why those things get votes. I’m glad this success happened, this incident in Lipa is just getting started.

  13. I hope you guys get through this and get what you truly deserve. It’s not right to take away a livelihood especially for this many people. I hope that your voices are heard and that it all goes well for you.

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