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The 3 Expressions of a Father’s Love– A daughter’s tribute


            My father joined his creator May of last year. He is the best father and a good provider. We haven’t got enough money to splurge on material things but we are filled with his unconditional love – the Love that cannot be fathom, the love that can’t be shaken by surging storms and shaking grounds.

I wrote this article as a tribute to my father. These past few days, I often saw him in my dreams.  I can’t get his message but I missed him badly.

What the Bible say about family and fatherhood? In Colossians 3 it says, “Wives, submit to your husband, as is fitting to the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh on them. Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. Father, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.”

In my opinion, the best advice on parenting comes from the Bible. If we only obey what it says, no divorce and no separation will take its place. Our family is never perfect, when I was a kid I often saw them fighting silently, but they never gave up on us!

When my father died, I felt the most pain. I was so depressed and overly emotional.  Being a daddy’s girl; he gave everything I needed (of course luxury not included due to financial scarcity), but he exceeded what is expected of a father – from my basic needs to my college education. My needs are simple then though, I never asked for much.

He was a man of few words but when he talks, we listen. His words cannot be shaken. His word is the LAW of the house. He’s not that typical type of dad who’s super strict when it comes to “school and study rules”- only with 1 rule,  “No boyfriend/girlfriend while studying, you have enough time for that after graduation.”  And we’re glad we’ve obeyed, we graduated from college with no hassle.  I never seen him the happiest when he escorted us (me and my brother) on stage to get our college diploma.

The only thing I have is your memories – but your memories will last a lifetime. I love you dad – my love exceeds the highest heaven.

Thank you dad for being the coolest and the happiest dad I’ve ever seen.  Your good name will remain even in your next generations.

We have to salute, respect and thank our fathers for their undying love and support?

  1. A father gives direction

A family was controlled by one man – the father, as airplane controlled by pilot. Our father is our great influencer so he should lead by example. He directs and drives the household.

When I was a kid, my father was in control of everything – finances and decision-making. Even if our mother agreed with our decisions, the final say still comes from our father and no one dares to break it. But we respect our father because he knows best – he loves us so much. He never let us fail.

There are two types of a father.

  • The good influence

He listens and respects his children’s opinion. He treats his kids as best friends. When problem comes he is the number one mediator, adviser and teacher. Good father never fight with his wife in front of his kids.

He is a good listener. He never gives in into temptation. He sees his wife as beautiful and sexy even the world contradicts.

  • The bad influence

He is the father who is unreasonably strict.  He never listens to his children’s sentiments and frustrations. He is the father who pushes his children to do illegal acts like selling drugs, gambling, beg and do street fighting.

It’s sad but true. I have seen lots of fathers who abused even raped their daughters because they are high on illegal drugs.  Others sold them and pushed them to do pornography.

  1. A father Provides

He provides for the family. He instills the value of saving and sharing. My father can’t give all what we need – we lack financially but we are rich with quality time.

Our father never fails to play with us in his vacant time. He taught us not to take time and responsibilities for granted. His love never failed.

He was a good provider. He worked 16 hours daily, 7days a week to provide us with good food and good education.

  1. A father Protects

Another responsibility of a father is to protect the welfare of his children. He’s never tired. He never allows his children to go the wrong way. He protects them so they will not be corrupted by bad influences.

A father should train his children with self defense.  The world is cruel at times -crimes, rape, and accidents happened everywhere. We need it to protect ourselves from outside cruelties.

My dad is my stronghold; I feel more secure in my father’s arms. When he hugs me, I feel I can conquer the world.

Kids, obey your DAD. They are there to guide, support and protect. If you have your dad with you, be grateful because not all dads stay. Some walk away.

Hope this inspired you. Read here for inspirational posts.

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24 thoughts on “The 3 Expressions of a Father’s Love– A daughter’s tribute

  1. You are so blessed that you had a strong relationship with a good father. My father was never around and when he was, he was abusive. He’s trying to rectify things now and God is working on mending all those years of pain. This article is beautiful!

  2. Aww, reading this post made me teary, now I miss my dad. 🙁 Thanks for this post, making me realize that he was good enough and infact the best there is for us and reminiscing those days when he’s still with us.

  3. This was a agreat read. You are blessed to ahve a father like him. You are loved by him. We shoud really thank our father for all the thing they’ve done to us.

  4. I am so sorry to hear the loss of your father but I was so moved by your tribute to your father and how you appreciated all the little things he did to make your life happy. I hope that he is at peace now and I know he would be very touched by your beautiful words. Stay strong x

  5. I never knew that, my directions in life I received from my my father. But I’m very glad that there are people so lucky as to benefit from such an example in life!!!

  6. I really love my parents. Your post remind me to my father that always beside me whenever I’m in good or worse situation. This post is really nice to read!

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