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I am


Who AM I?

I Blog because…

                   I want to Empower

                           I want to Educate…

                                  I want to Entertain

At first, I was so hesitant to publish my blog, I was afraid to be humiliated but I chose to be positive. I didn’t let the negative thought reign. My articles are so simple but this is my passion. If you love what you are doing, the world will conspire to make it happen. Just put your 200 percent in it.

I have decided to be strong and firm. I will pursue and develop the talents that God has bestowed no matter the consequences. I am a survivor and a fighter I believe I can make it to the top of the game.

Thanks to “” and “” blogs. They inspired me to fight. They inspired me to go the distance. They taught me that poor grammar should not be feared, you will learn everything along the way, just start and be willing to learn. Never stop learning. Knowledge is key.

Always listen to criticisms both good or bad, good comments will inspire you, bad ones will give you wisdom. Convert negative comments into a lesson. There are no negative things in life only lessons to learn.

The beauty of blogging is the mere fact that they do not choose people. Professionals and non-professional can use this as medium to showcase their passion in writing even if they are not a professional writer.  Everybody can go the distance.

I am Biana B. Manuel, my friends call me “Vivian” but I want to call myself, “Beyonzy”, the writer behind MOM ROAD AHEAD blog. I am a mom of two boys – Liam and Rain, Entrepreneur, DIY and crafts fanatic. I am also a fan of motivational quotes; a single beautiful quote can make my day.

I hope my blog will inspire you!

To God be the glory!!!  

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