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Here are my top 9 behaviors that prevent success inspired by Tristan Loo.

Success will come if you change your mindset. Mindset is how you think about money or possession. Positive thinkers succeed more than the one who thinks negatively about themselves. Your thoughts can create power. Don’t feed your mind with negative Affirmations.

I read this article many years ago, it was written by Tristan Loo. It inspired and motivated me a lot. Inspirational articles, videos and books are treasures you must value. It is more important than your material possessions.

And I love to share it with you…

1.Desire for instant gratification

They are short thinkers. They base their decisions on what they want now versus they want in the future. When making decision, focus on how that decision will impact your life in a long run.

Many people bet their hard earned money to lottery and sweepstakes. Lotto outlets are like blockbuster movies. We see long lines when the prize reached hundred million.

Always put in mind that getting rich quick is impossible. We are often a victim of scams because we want instant wealth. Long term success and wealth is a result of hard work, persistence and consistency.

Study shows that those who won a lottery went bankrupt and broke 5 years after winning. Instant wealth is easy to lose. Maybe because they’ve never put effort and hard work in it, so they don’t understand its value.


You want something from others without the intention of exchanging something of like and value in return. You will find that positive things will come your way when you provide value for others instead of trying to deprive others of their value.

Corruption in government is the result of greed. They always want to be on top of the game even if it means putting someone down.

3. Lack of confidence

A person who lacks confidence in their abilities simply gets by life without even engaging their life with all their capabilities. They neither take their stand nor show any courage in the face of adversity.

Realize that whatever stand you take throughout your life, there always be people who will support and oppose your views. You can’t please everybody, so please the one person who is the most important in your life – yourself.

4. Not willing to pay the price

Success not only requires that you know what you want. It requires that you know the sacrifices you have to make in order to reach success.

You must have the dedication and perseverance to drive to win. If you are not willing to pay the price you will end up losing everything.

5. Lack of persistence

When pressures build and problems come to stack on top of each other, quitting is an easy way out. There is a big difference between failing and quitting.

Failing is acceptable; we all fail at some point in our lives and chances to fail again. Quitting is not using your fullest potential to reach your goals.

6. Unwilling to take risk

You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone so that you can effectively grow. I believe that great opportunities come into our daily lives but it’s our fear that prevents us from taking hold of those responsibilities.

We cannot avoid risks – it’s a part of a journey but we can handle them. If we will handle it carefully and intelligently, it will make us strong and confident.

7. Procrastination

Waiting for the perfect moment is a big killer of success. Realize that there will never be perfect timing to implement an action. “Don’t wait for tomorrow what you can do today.”

For example, our home needs repair, I told my husband to do it but he keeps on saying, “I’m tired, I will do it tomorrow”.  Then strong typhoon came. Our roof was swept away by strong wind. It’s too late but at least he learned his lesson. Procrastination is the number one killer of success.

We always procrastinate. We put important and difficult tasks last and when deadline comes we rush everything out that often leads to a disaster.

8. Unwilling to learn from past mistakes

Failures and mistakes are the natural part of a learning process in building any real success for you. Successful people not only learn from their mistake but learn from other’s mistake as well.

I have seen a lot of people who stumble in the same mistake. Your previous failure should be your lesson to be wiser. Stumbling in the same mistake is stubbornness and stupidity.

9. Feeding yourself negative affirmation

Negative thinkers attract negative people into their lives. Make a conscious decision to eliminate negative self talk from your daily lives and replace it with rich positive affirmation.

When you talk negative, expect negative result. If you talk positive, you attract positive things in your life. Choose to be positive in stressful situation. Defeat your problems by speaking faith-filled words.

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