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Digital Business for Pinoy 2019/ What’s OUT and What’s IN?


“Successful People do not do what’s EASY, They do what HURTS.”  Dan Lok

Ano ang “IN” ngayong 2019? Ano kayang PLATFORM ang papatok?

Anong STRATEGIES kaya ang KIKINANG ngayong 2019.

  • Affiliate Marketing?
  • E-commerce?
  • Blog?
  • E-courses and E-books?
  • Online Selling?
  • Digital Marketing?
A Digital Entrepreneur should knew how to spot what’s “IN” and what’s “OUT”..
But in my own opinion, Huwag kang makiuso. “Oy, friend uso ngayon ang Pagtititinda ng damit online, Magtinda nga rin tayo para naman magkapera. At dahil uso, lahat ng friends mo at mga kaibigan nila nagtinda na rin online. Sa sobrang dami, nagpababaan na kayo ng presyo mabentahan lang, hanggang sa wala nang kinikita. Pagkatapos ng isang taon, tumigil na lahat.
Mastering the Art of Selling is I think the most important skill to develop.
Ano ba Dapat? Develop your Passion and Skills. Develop the skills that can provide value and money.  Develop people skills, the negotiation skills, the art of selling and closing sale dahil andun ang malalaking pera.
Ang mga mayayamang tao, magagaling silang sales at marketers.  Hindi sila tumitigil mag-aral.
Successful people commit themselves to continuous LEARNING…
They never stop Reading, Researching And Innovating.
“They’re Unstoppable! They are a MERCHANT of WOW!”

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Liam at Seven – My Prince’s Birthday Celebration


“Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.”

My eldest son turned 7 last November 29 but the celebration was held last December 3. All of his birthdays are equally important but his 7th birthday marked the most important for the reason only me and my husband understand. Seventh birthday is also special as per culture and tradition in Batangas.

There are unusual ways of celebrating a 7th birthday here in Batangas. First, seventh and 21st considered the most important birthdays for boys. First, Seven and 18th for girl celebrants.

I never Celebrated my birthday when I was young because my parents cannot afford even a simple cake. Kaya gusto kong i-celebrate ang birthday ng anak ko dahil gusto ko i-treasure nila ang kanilang birthday dahil regalo ito ng Diyos.

Hindi naman ako nanghinanakit that we grew poor, in fact parang grateful ako dahil natutunan kong i-treasure ang mga bagay na mayroon ako ngayon.

Here are some Photos and Highlights in my son’s Birthday Party:

LIAM’S 7-7
We chose a Royal Theme Celebration. Part of the entourage and program are : 7 Balloons, 7 Gifts, 7 Bills, 7 Toy Guns, 7 Animal Toys ( depend on the birthday celebrant Favorite), 7 T-Shirts, 7 Kid’s Shorts, 7 Wishes given by Liam’s 7 Princesses and little Princesses.

LIAM’S Princesses and Little Princesses

It’s my choice to have princesses because I want the party to be full of beautiful little queens. I let them wear Tiaras and Long gown. I am grateful that their parents obliged.T

The Preparation

Thank you for being with us, your presence matters..


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